Becoming Mail Art

I've been using up paper scraps of my art, and there is a lot. It's not that I think I should save every little darn piece.......... Gluing random pieces of paper down is pretty mindless- watching- Netflix- kind- of-stuff. Since my dog Buddy can no longer climb the stairs, given that he is old and very visually impaired, I have been spending my evening art time downstairs on the lounge with a breakfast tray, so I can keep him company. My intention is that this will all become mail art. I started with this. and it has become this. And here's another one. I used scraps of painted on wax paper, markings from trying out my homemade stamps, merchandise labels, pieces of gold doilies from the dollar store,and cut up pieces from my Gelli Plate prints. I want to finish putting the final touches on with markers and pens etc. Here a couple of close ups. I have made copies of much of my art so I can use them again and again. The people know me pretty well at KINKOS. My intent is to have these chopped up into 4x6s today so I can mail them out. I'll show you what they look like at the mailing stage later. Then I need to work on getting my taxes done. Yuck! I hope you have a good day. Thanks for sharing a moment here............................................. jo

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