I love colored glass, especially in windows. I am good for saving old bottles from lotions etc. I couldn't couldn't walk away from this kitchen window one early, chilly morning last weekend.

and in the early afternoon of that same weekend there was this one from the window of "Studio A."

I continue to play... with index cards. I have been playing with things that "resist" like crayon with watercolor. I have yet to try rubber cement. I also find that these sweet, little index cards are great for cutting up (or not) for art journaling.

Miss Callie is good about letting me know what's up.

I hope you are well. Thanks for visiting.


Used to Be.............

Yesterday these trees had leaves on them.

could be these trees would look like this again.............

There's always hope. This WILL come again.

Stay warm everyone.


It's a Damn Shame

I have been incredibly, wonderfully, creative lately. Seriously, I feel like creative "stuff" is running, bursting, pouring out of me. I've been wanting to explore art journaling more and so I am doing just that. I have a 7x10 Moleskine sketchbook that was purchased nearly 2 years ago, until one day I started gluing stuff to the pages. Then, I started adding paint. Then I found myself adding gesso,markers, then more collage............ then I decided to hellwithit!! I'm gluing these pages together for support. Forget practicing drawing. This is not what I need right now. I need color.I need no restrictions!! This is probably a release from the months of the tiny journal I completed for The Sketchbook Project. Here are bits and pieces of not-yet-finished journal pages. Can you tell I had fun?

And then there's always my nightly/daily addiction of index cards. I give Tammy at http://Daisy responsibility for that.

You can't waste paint.

I simply cannot decide which I enjoy doing the most.

And, I made another accordion book for a person who's very special to me.Since I didn't get it finished in time for your birthday, Pat, you get a preview. Happy Birthday!!! It will make it's way to your house soon. I hope you have a wonderful day. (If you click on that picture it enlarges nicely.)


The Sketchbook Project Journal is Finished

I've been busy............ haven't we all........... but not too busy to notice the changes around me, within me .....the bursting, brilliant colors of this season........ I had a birthday...

... I finished The Sketchbook Project Journal.

It's titled Untitled...untitled-not named, not called by a title, having no right or claim, not entitled.......... and so I carried those words throughout the pages of the book in different languages.... art is diverse, universal. It speaks to all.

Here are some of the other pages I have not shared with you.

I would love to hear any comments from you.

I have scanned each page, but will be sad, in a way to let it go when I put it in the mail. I just might have to go to Brooklyn Art Library and visit it.