On Sunday

While it was doing this outside I was inside doing this Back in the Fall, I played around with distressing National Geographic pages with Citrasolv. Have you ever done that? I think you can tell the blotchy, bleedy looking strips on this piece are from that process. I love the way they look and actually, I love the orangy citrus smell of Citrasolv. I also use it for what it is intended for- for cleaning. It's one of the most natural cleaning products I've run across. So, my process was to tear strips from old National Geographics I'd subscribed to when the kids were growing up (I'm so glad I saved them.) and then lay them in a disposable, flat aluminum pan, and let them soak in a layer of Citrasolv. I would often leave them soaking for days at a time but I'd turn them over when I got home from work. AS you turn them you can see the ink bleeding and running and you can make marks on the paper with your finger or a paint brush or the end of a paint brush or whatever you can think of. If pieces were laying on top of each other when you peeled them apart before or after they dried, wonderful things would happen in the peeling process. Anyway, I liked the way these papers looked mixed in with the others sewed down on a file folder. While the snow was very pretty I am certainly ready for Spring. Thanks for spending a few moments with me.


  1. I really like how these are looking!

  2. I've read about the Citrasolv technique, but never tried it. I love the stripes of paper and see those magazine strips in between other papers. You're right, they are great together.