I made a round post card. Yes. I did say a round postcard- for a swap I'm doing with Karen only I won't show it to you because it hasn't been mailed yet and I want to keep it a secret until the person gets it. I don't know how Karen does this. She's amazing. She hosts so many cool swaps and I've seen some pretty amazing art pass through her site ,including her own. I went there a few moments ago and she has a picture of what 87 green themed mail art post cards look like spread out on her dining room table, before mailing. I am quiet sure I do not have the patience to do all she does to get these swaps going not to mention all the collecting, organizing and mailing it takes. I bet her mailbox is always overflowing. It's very worth your while to check out that site as well as her own I'll show you the front of the round postcard when my for now anonymous partner receives it. I'm going to go doodle on my egg. Thanks for taking a minute with me. Hope you had /have a good


  1. Very interesting, never thought of a round postcard! Looking forward to seeing the front!

  2. yay for round! the cards have just started coming in and they are amazing. haven't posted any yet. can't wait to see yours! (and thanks for your sweet words!) love your egg.

  3. I received a beautiful collaged card from you filled with delicious patterns and colors. Thanks SO much! I love Karen's swaps too and try to participate whenever I can. I'm off to make something round right now! Thanks again!