Pocket full of Post It Notes

Lately, after working all day, I struggle with how to use the few hours I have before I have to do it all over again the next day. I have to decide whether to actually work on something for myself, work on planning a class or project for the Saturday mixed media/art journaling class I've been leading on Saturday mornings, or post to this blog. I can blame it on my getting older or the horrible summer heat which I seem to have less tolerance for on top of my already natural power surge moments, or all of the above. ON that note, I HAVE been doing what I can in those few hours after I come home from work. I just haven't been sharing them as I can't seem to stay awake long enough to do so. Everyday I come home with a pocket full of post it notes with all these creative ideas. I have a pile of them paper clipped on my desk. HOpefully I will remember what they're for when I do get to them. I do get some of those ideas started.. I feel this is the time in my life when I am feeling or being most creative and I struggle with not being able to own all my time quite yet. Can you feel me? Can you relate to what I am saying? Thank you for hanging in there with me even though I don't post as regularly as I'd like. Thank you for supporting me and asking if I'm alright. Thank you for your comments. They are very much appreciated. I am off to join the party since I haven't been there is a few weeks. They always have good "stuff" at this party.


No Longer an Android

So I made this little mini book on cheapo water color paper, although I think it's really cheapo mixed media paper. Good way to use up scraps. I realize as I am uploading these pictures to this post that I have taken pictures of the book upside down. Two weeks ago I inherited my daughter's boyfriend's Iphone 5 since he has upgraded to a newer one. I was just too tickled because now I have also begun to post on Instagram. Imagine. I recently had to buy a new printer, and then a new computer and now I have a new phone. So much new technology!! The phone was a wonderful gift and daughter and boyfriend Reggie have been wonderfully supportive and patient with my numerous questions regarding the phone and posting to instagram. It has taken me nearly 1 1/2 hrs between photographing and posting to instagram and this blog I am going to watch a 'Bones'episode before it is time for me to hurry up and sleep. I hope you are well. Thanks for visiting. And if you go here you can see a lo of cool stuff.