The Queen

I am grateful that my Mom saved some of my childhood drawings. I found this recently while doing some sorting and cleaning. Couldn't resist putting it on my studio door. Makes me chuckle just a bit, given my life at this moment.



I love Jamie Fingal's accordian book over at the Sketchbook Challenge. She inspired me to make this. And since this month's theme is Pathways, I am calling this Pathways to the sun.

These are hard to see. Let me try again.


Brick and Board

Ok. So, it's still messy but at least the shelves are up and useful. I don't have everything art related that I've collected over the last 20 yrs of my life crammed into one cabinet anymore. MY MAN wanted to know why I didn't paint them before putting them up. I said for the same reason I didn't wait for you to return from NY to help me lug this up the stairs. I was on a mission. I can always paint the shelves one stack at a time.....



I've been doing a little bit of lots of different STUFF lately. I'm sure this is not a grammatically good sentence.......this is not a grammatically well written sentence.... oh, what the heck.. I have so many projects, ideas,works in progress..... sometimes I cannot keep up with MY SELF. This one part of me says,"You know you might wanna try finishing this first before you work on that one," and another voice says,"C'mon over here and play with this." So, I always seem to have several things I'm really concentrating on and lots of other things I am playing with but end up coming back to. I started working on my journal for The Sketchbook Project.

I have no idea where I am going with this but I mean to have lots of fun and be daring....and these pages will not look the same in the end as they do now.

Ben Frankin has had some decent sales lately...... I found and fell in love with Luminiere metallic acrylic paint........ halo blue gold.... ooooh. it can look turquoisey bluish or goldish green.. Looks pretty cool on black card stock with my tree stencil.

And finally, I could not resist this piece of material also from BF. I'm not sure which side is the coolest.

So.... that's the STUFF for now.


Home Depot

Yesterday I went to Home Depot and brought back this.

and these.............

Alright. So I got all this from the car to the front porch. Next to get it in the house.

So, this mind you with the exception of 4 cinder blocks on the front porch took me several hours.... just doing a bit at a time and taking breaks........ you know the back is not as young as it used to be. Actually, I have no business doing this at all. But the real challenge is this....

Because I am both stubborn and detirmined and my studio looks like this...

My Man picked a good time to be in N.Y and me, well, once I get it in my head..... there's usually no stopping me.....I will keep you posted.



.. the other set of artist trading cards reached their destination. Canada.

These, too, were wrapped in an collaged envelope. It's kind of neat to know that something you made is deemed precious to someone else. Art is meant to be shared. Art creates joy.