A Year Ago

This is what was happening a year ago on this day. And I was working on this. Sewing on file folders. I'm ready for spring. How about you?


Project 52......... The Next Five

Earlier this month I told you about my project of creating art on a playing card for 52 weeks. You can go here to see the first five. Of course I am behind but that's ok. Here are the next 5.


Where Does The Time Go?

Doesn't this look like a fishing tackle box? Wait. Here's another bad photograph. I've never been fishing a day in my life. It is a fishing tackle box. I thought it very ingenious of me to use it as a onthecouchwatchingNetflixmovies kind of thing. I thought it would be cool to limit supplies. Limit paint, use the cheap craft paint, limit markers, etc. You know, create with the bare essentials. It's got so many compartments I can't find anything. Most things get dumped in the bottom.I think if I would take the time to organize it better it just might work. These were made for my Lifebook 2014 class. I'm having trouble keeping up but that's ok. I had some fraudulent activity on my bank account. That was NOT ok so I had to deal with that. Yes, this is the same picture as the one above but more filled in. Continuing to work on background pages in this recycled photo album. That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by............................... jo


The Second Finished Piece

I also presented this one for the 29 faces challenge in February. It originally looked like this on card stock. I cut her out and cut the other collaged peices out and reworked it onto a 12x12 piece of plywood after layering with various papers and inks. Somehow it feels better. It feels finished now. Thanks for visiting



I have finished three pieces at the same time. Whooee!! I can't say that often. You've seen this one before at various stages...before and during the 29 faces challenge. This began as this. on a piece of cardboard. Sorry. This picture is blurry but I wanted to show you the progression. It then became this where I thought it might be finished. And I kind of liked it at this point and I thought about putting it in a cheap frame or mounting it on a cheapo canvas but it was such an odd size I couldn't do either. Hence the challenge of cutting it up so it would fit on a canvas. I reworked it and then added the "acrylic skins." That stuff is so hard to work with in my opinion. I think it's the equivalent of making saran wrap and you know how that stuff sticks together if you don't get it on something in one full swoop. I liked the look of the doodling the skins gave but had no more patience to separate the skins from the plastic page protector so I went ahead and doodled with a black marker. I finished it with the inks splatters so she looks like this now. I can now hang her on the wall. Do you like it? Tell me what you think. I'm still deciding on a title or name for her. Although I am late getting to the party I am sharing this over here.


Project 52 - The First Five

I gessoed one side of a deck of cards. I'm thinking, "I'm nuts" as I'm doing this. I've made a collage a week on a card since the new year began. No rhyme or reason. What ever is laying on the table or has dropped on the floor, or fallen out of bags, trays, or baskets. What ever tools I might be working with, what ever color I'm playing with. Here are the first five.


A New Journal

I was cleaning out some closets recently and came across this old photo album. I could've tossed it in the trash or put it in the "garage sale" pile but I saw something else. I took a bunch of the pages out, removed the plastic and started playing. There's a good amount of pages in this photo album so this will become a fat new journal for playing in. I am working on laying down a bunch of backgrounds for now so it's easier to come back to a page that already has something on it. I also like that I can take pages out and work on them without having to lug the entire book around. We are in the midst of a snow/ice storm here. I hope wherever you are that you are safe and warm. Tomorrow I will show you the 52 card project I've been working on but haven't had a chance to show you since I've been involved with Lifebook 2014 (which I am behind in) and then jumped in to the 29 faces challenge at the last minute. Thanks for visiting................ jo