Paint Party Friday

Last week I showed you the canvas I'd been working on as part of my Saturday morning workshops teaching at my local AC Moore arts and crafts store. I wanted to add some bling but wasn't sure how I wanted to do it. I had to work quickly with laying down these beads with a hot glue gun. And then I trimmed the length of the bead strands. I was pretty happy with the end result. If you zoom in you can see I got happy with gold glitter. I am enjoying this home made tapestry on my studio wall and look forward to showing you more tapestries by the people in my workshop as they become finished. Happy Paint Party Friday!! You can go here to see more wonderful things. Thanks for visiting here.


Pocket full of Post It Notes

Lately, after working all day, I struggle with how to use the few hours I have before I have to do it all over again the next day. I have to decide whether to actually work on something for myself, work on planning a class or project for the Saturday mixed media/art journaling class I've been leading on Saturday mornings, or post to this blog. I can blame it on my getting older or the horrible summer heat which I seem to have less tolerance for on top of my already natural power surge moments, or all of the above. ON that note, I HAVE been doing what I can in those few hours after I come home from work. I just haven't been sharing them as I can't seem to stay awake long enough to do so. Everyday I come home with a pocket full of post it notes with all these creative ideas. I have a pile of them paper clipped on my desk. HOpefully I will remember what they're for when I do get to them. I do get some of those ideas started.. I feel this is the time in my life when I am feeling or being most creative and I struggle with not being able to own all my time quite yet. Can you feel me? Can you relate to what I am saying? Thank you for hanging in there with me even though I don't post as regularly as I'd like. Thank you for supporting me and asking if I'm alright. Thank you for your comments. They are very much appreciated. I am off to join the party since I haven't been there is a few weeks. They always have good "stuff" at this party.


No Longer an Android

So I made this little mini book on cheapo water color paper, although I think it's really cheapo mixed media paper. Good way to use up scraps. I realize as I am uploading these pictures to this post that I have taken pictures of the book upside down. Two weeks ago I inherited my daughter's boyfriend's Iphone 5 since he has upgraded to a newer one. I was just too tickled because now I have also begun to post on Instagram. Imagine. I recently had to buy a new printer, and then a new computer and now I have a new phone. So much new technology!! The phone was a wonderful gift and daughter and boyfriend Reggie have been wonderfully supportive and patient with my numerous questions regarding the phone and posting to instagram. It has taken me nearly 1 1/2 hrs between photographing and posting to instagram and this blog I am going to watch a 'Bones'episode before it is time for me to hurry up and sleep. I hope you are well. Thanks for visiting. And if you go here you can see a lo of cool stuff.


A Little House for a New House

I had lunch with my Mom the weekend after Mother's Day weekend. It was just too crazy with graduation stuff. I made some home made wrapping paper. Had some fun with home made stencils and some stamps and then I took the little wooden house that I made and wrapped it up with bling because my mother loves bling. I think the gold ribbon looks awesome with the colors in the wrapping paper. I hadn't realized how long ago I had made these little wooden houses which you can see here. I actually used one of these and one of these I was pretty tickled with myself. At one time I had posted them in my once upon a time Etsy shop and they have since sat in a box waiting for good homes. Not only does Mom like bling she really loves art with buildings and houses etc and since she is moving to a new house pretty soon I thought this would be nice to hang in her new home. She loved it!! Thanks for stopping by.


Loose Pages

I have a lot of art done on loose pages over the years, mostly on cardstock. I wanted at some point to purchase a binding machine but have not yet made a decision which one. I happened to be at Kinkos one day and was reminded that they bind things into a spiral journal. They charge by the thickness of the paper. So, for under $10.00 I had 18 loose pages counting the front and back cover (which they provided) bound in to an instant journal. Here are few of the pages. The nice man at KInkos was confused as to why some of the page were left blank. I told him those pages would eventually be filled up. I took it home and decorated the front and back covers. I know there are way more "cooler" ways to book bind, it takes time, patience and practice, which I don't always have, this seemed to work for an instant journal for not much money. I can pick it up and work on it as I feel like it. Next time I will take some smaller pages and see how that works with a smaller size journal. Thanks for stopping by.


You Gotta Catch it When (and where) You Can.

A day or so ago I was talking with a patient at work about the weather changes. I said I hadn't remembered such a fluctuation in temperatures in a given day or maybe I was just a bit more aware of it now that I was in the midst of such fluctuation with my own power surges. He grinned and said he had kept a journal for about 40 yrs and the first thing he did each day was document the weather. This opened up the door for a brief conversation about art journaling and how I felt better starting my day with "Morning Pages" and art. I said, "You gotta catch it when you can," meaning there were not enough hours in my work day for me to create so I took advantage of my need to get to work an hour before I started in order to get a parking spot - hence art in the car. He thought that was pretty cool. And so I am slowly filling this little tranformed Dollar Store day timer. I covered it with some marbleized paper that I had made earlier in the year and the first thing I do is document the weather at that moment and what might be forecast. The book is small enough to work in on my lap and my art bag has glue sticks,some markers and pens, a few big zip lock baggies full of torn paper for collaging, my water color crayons and a water color brush. I have to remember once again to take the crayons out of the car on the days it's going to be hot. I tend to remind myself that I have certain appointments or that I need to do something like pick up insulin for the dog. It's kind of cool to see this little book grow. I started another page by gluing down this altered dictionary page in to the book and I knew I wanted to do some more. (I knew there was a reason I was telling you this) I tore out a bunch of dictionary pages and went to town. So now I have a bunch of paper to use in this little document your life in the car journal. It's really quite simple. You gotta catch it when you can. I hope you have a great weekend. I haven't been to the party in a few weeks so I am headed to where there's a lot of good stuff going on. Thanks for visiting.