Why Not?

If you can doodle or paint on pumpkins then you can certainly alter a leaf. I picked these up in my yard last night and had a bit of fun with paint markers. I am pressing them in a book. I'll try paint next. :)


Unfinished Stuff, Works in Progress Stuff, Vintage Stuff

My studio is again looking like a disaster zone. I prided myself a couple of months ago when I did some reorganizing and cleaning about a month ago, but it's really hard to tell at this point. I cannot decide if I have two many projects going on or if I seriously don't have enough surface space in which to work, or I am just too lazy to clean up before I work on something new. Or a little of each. I looked around my studio last night. I feel really lucky to have this space because I know many people do not have this luxury. I do have a lot of things going on. A lot of unfinished projects. Perhaps I have ADD where ART is concerned. I tend to move from one thing to another. You know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie.... He asks for milk and a straw and crayons and.......... These lines strung from one window to another are good sometimes for hanging things you want to refer back to......... I have to share with you something really cool.. some new people have come to visit my house...... from another time....... These vintage dolls were passed on to me by my mother who is at 80 yrs old full of wonderful stories and memories as I help her clean out her garage and pack things up. Seriously, these dolls belonged to her and her mother. I did not have a lot of dolls as a child. I never had Barbies and don't feel I ever missed out on them. I had some rag dolls but preferred a lot of time to play with my brother's Match Box cars and "Little Kiddle" dolls. Does anyone remember those tiny little dolls? Anyway, I know my mother lovingly brought these very old dolls from Oregon years ago. I never knew of their existence. Last weekend she asked if I wanted them. I did. I think she was hoping I might give them a home instead of her giving them to a consignment shop where people might well be arguing their monetary worth. They are worn but they have been well loved. I will share more on them as time goes by. Thanks for stopping in.


It's Coming Together

I had an awesome time on Saturday with three wonderful, creative women at my mixed media class at my local arts and crafts store. We've been working on a large piece together, a group collaboration for the last several weeks. I've seen growth. I've seen us begin to loosen up, to not be so critical, and have fun creating together. Check out how this is blossoming.There's a lot happening. Here's my daughter Liza, getting a panoramic view for us. And she got a great panoramic view. Stay tuned for more on this group collaboration. I'm proud of them. Thanks for all your comments on my last post. Hope you had a peaceful, creative weekend. Thanks for visiting.


Moleskine Mornings

I've been working in a larger Moleskine journal in the mornings in the car before work. I have to arrive at my work place nearly 45 minutes before I actually start in order to find a decent parking spot so I take advantage of the time by bringing my breakfast, coffee and some art supplies with me. It's pretty amazing how much you can do in that amount of time five days a week. It also makes me feel better by creating something before I start my rat race of a work day, which seems to suck more out of me lately. I have pre-gesso-ed the pages a head of time and mostly have been spreading the color on with the Caran d'Ache neocolor 2 water color crayons. I've journaled a little bit each morning and then sometimes in the evening or on the weekends will add more marks and doodles with paint markers or bits of collage. I can be working on a couple of spreads at a time. Here's a couple of close ups. I'm sharing this with the good people over at the party. If you haven't already, do check this site out. It's full of wonderful, creative "stuff." I am looking forward to another couple of hours teaching a mixed media workshop at my local AC Moore store tomorrow. I wish you a peaceful, creative weekend. Thanks for visiting here.


More Playing with Food and Other Stuff

Last week I told you about the Lifebook lesson with Flora Bowley who encouraged us to find different things for mark making or stamping. I showed you this. Although you cannot tell from looking at this, it began with marking making with various pieces of produce. After I went grocery shopping on Saturday, I took a potato and cut it up into various shapes and put it to paper. I forgot to photograph all of them but did get one to show you. Ok. So, it's not that exciting but it was kind of fun. I forgot to buy celery so I could use the bottom of the stalk to make that cool flower print. Saturday morning I was at my local arts and craft store (AC Moore) with two fun women. We had decided to take a break from art journaling and played with making prints on the gelli plate with the deli paper. This was in preparation for decorating Christmas ornaments. I really don't enjoy it when it seems anything having to do with Christmas is pushed upon us earlier and earlier every year, however,I think if you are making things, that's entirely different. Handmade things take more time and thought. Some ornaments were cut out of two pieces of card stock, glued together and decorated. Here's another plastic one that's getting collaged. And here are a few others that I made back in the summer time while watching Netflix in the evening. I haven't yet found the motivation to paint my pumpkins this year but maybe I still will. Are you creating holiday or seasonal things right now? Thanks for visiting here.


Painting with Food

On Monday when I was off from work I sat down with Flora Bowley's Brave Intuitive Painting lesson on Lifebook. I am blown away by this artist and one day would like to take one of her live workshops or one of her online classes. She had me(us) looking in the refrigerator for things to use as stamps. The best I could come up with was some mushrooms, some celery stalks, some cucumber slices and some onion. I wished I'd had some potatoes to cut in to sections or carve some stamps out of and I wished I hadn't thrown the bottom core part of the celery away because it would have made a cool flower image stamp like Flora did. I found it a bit challenging as my vegies were super slippery once I dabbed them in to the paint, but some of these made some pretty cool marks. She suggested we work on two pages at a time, one with only cool colors and one with warm colors. I think I can say I finished one of them. Here it is along with a couple of close ups. No paint brushes were used. Only fingers. I used a credit card and the end of the paint brush for mark making. I'm sorry I did not remember to take photos in the beginning with my veggies, and as it turned out, much of the mark making was blended or covered up. I like the color and I like the layers. I like that you can see through them in some parts.I like it better now after not looking at it for several days. I had no plan or outcome and that was the point. It really was intuitive and it was a lot of fun. Do you create art in this manner? Intuitively? Thanks for stopping in.