Finished Line, Time Travel, and Happy Paint Party Friday

All week long I've been showing you my Project 52 of altering a deck of cards. I began this project on a whim, not really thinking I'd complete it, or thinking I might get bored and quit. It was a challenge for me to work really small. And while I think I started off pretty motivated and inspired, there were times in the middle, I was not inspired which is why, I think, it took me so long to finish it. I really had set no time frame except to finish it in a year and even that didn't work. Nonetheless, I found myself saving the teeniest bits of paper and ephemera for just this project. One time the fan blew everything I'd saved in a small container all over the place, and then, I'd moved my studio from the upstairs to the downstairs, so finding my in progress container took some doing. Here are the last few cards in my deck, which I will say, are probably my most favorite of them all. I laid them all out on the floor and dared my cats to walk on them. .........and they did right after I took the picture. HOpe you've enjoyed my Project 52. Tell me which one or ones did you like the most? Happy Paint Party Friday. Twenty four years ago today I rode to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Ma in a 300ZX and brought two children in to the world. I was nearly 33 yrs old and they were 33 weeks old. Today I celebrate the bright, kind, productive and creative people they have become. I love you, Eliza and Marshall. Happy Birthday!!! Linking to Paint Party Friday *** Note to self. After writing this post you have to remember to actually link it. lol


All Day Long

I'm nearly done in showing you my altered deck of cards. I started this project I call Project 52 about 18 mos ago, of altering a deck of cards. I thought I'd get a bit creative by placing Etude, on the keys of my old mahogany, upright piano. I hope you've been enjoying my little mini canvases. I'll show you the rest tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in.


A Pile of Cards

I altered a deck of cards. You can see earlier ones in previous posts but here's a few more. I was not as enthusiastic with some of the cards as I was with others. Some are just plain "simple." The people on the vintage photo card came from some of my family photos although right this moment I cannot tell you who they are. And Anne Lamott is one of my favorite authors. I have this quote hanging above my desk.To me, it's kind of like a reminder that we're allowed or supposed to give ourselves permission to play and make messes not only with art but in our lives in order to figure out what it is we're supposed to be doing. IN other words we often have to go through some _____ in order to get to the good stuff. Does that make sense? Thanks for visiting.


Wish I Were Still There

Last week I was on "staycation." Ironically, it coincided with my mother's leaving/relocating to her new home in Ct. I was glad I was around to help her and see her off on her new venture. And I was able to get away for a day with one of my favorite people in one of my favorite places, so I actually could feel I had a bit of a "holiday" before heading back to work. It was a perfect day. Here are a few more cards from my altered deck of cards. More to come tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.


Happy Paint Party Friday

All week long I've been showing you my altered deck of cards which I have deemed Project 52. I began this project about 18 mos ago and just recently finished it. Here are a few more cards. I was trying to get a little more creative in how I photographed some of these cards. I take a pause here to share with you a family gathering photograph taken last night at a family gathering celebrating a "send off" for my 82 yr old Mom who is beginning a new chapter in her life. She is retired clergy after more than 30 yrs and is looking forward to new ventures in another state. It is a major change for her as you can imagine. So here you have us including our four legged friends. Me and Mom. And my daughter with her grandmother. You can see we enjoyed not only the sweets but the "spirits." Okay. A few more cards to share with you before I head over to the party. It's a warm, supportive place to share your art and see what others are doing. So, that's all for today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hug those people you love for they will not always be here. One more thing. I am now on Instagram (jogatheringwild) and would love for you to follow me if you are inclined. I also would love to follow you if you let me know you are there. Thanks for your support. Thanks for visiting here today. Happy Paint Party Friday.


Rethink Chapter 9

Continuing to show you my altered deck of cards which I began about 18 mos ago and just recently finished. Wonderful gluten free cupcakes we had for dessert last night at a small family gathering in celebration and bon voyage for my 82 yr old Mom (is gluten intolerant) who is relocating to a new state to begin the next chapter of her life. More pictures to share with you on that tomorrow as well as more of my altered deck of cards. Thanks for visiting.