One Dollar

I hope you had a good weekend. A creative weekend. I spent a good amount of time playing. I started with this ****************Painted them.************They became this. I might add some wings to the backs of them. I might see how they look slid over a red candle. I can see them on a mantle or on a Christmas tree. I also finished the front and back covers of my children's board book from The Dollar Store which I've been showing you the last several posts. Tell me what you think? You can view the other pages in previous posts. At least I can say I have finished something. Yay!! One last thing. I was delighted to view Balzer Designs post on Friday to find Julie had "featured" one of the pages of my Dollar Store book on her website for her Art Journal Everyday. Caught me by surprise.......... Thanks for visiting. Do come


Just Playing Around

There's so many layers on this page- I left the page alone for awhile and came back to it. I don't remember the order of things. I just know I kept adding layer upon layer, until I reached for the butterscotch spray ink. Then I knew it was finished. I love that warm glow of butterscotch spray ink. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks. What do you think? I hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for stopping in. I appreciate your


The Balcony Scene

Today is my birthday. I won't tell you which birthday it is. I share my birthday with my "womb mate" twin brother, John. Last year you may recall seeing the birthday card I made him. My twin brother decided in his 50th yr he wanted to become a police officer. And I'm not sure but I think we both hated the bologna sandwiches in our lunches growing up which is where the idea for that card came from. This year I made an envelope out of a copy of one of my art papers. I enclosed a print of another piece of my work. I mailed it on Saturday and he still has not received it. I told him that was not cool and it was my feeling that perhaps someone really liked the envelope and wanted to keep it for themselves and that he should perhaps arrest them......... hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.....Here we are performing the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet.................. Thanks for visiting............Jo


Letting Go

Letting go may be shaded in sorrow but it is lit by strength. ~Quinn McDonald The remaining page that I haven't shown you in altered children's board book from The Dollar Store. Quinn McDonald is a writer and artist who's blog I frequently visit. For some strange reason on those days I find her words often resonate with what is going on in my life at that moment, or on that day. I am working on the front and back covers of this one dollar book. I'll show them later. Thanks for stopping by.....Jo



Here is another page in the altered book- a children's board book from The Dollar Store. I did the background on the gelli plate. The face is cut out from my- faces -on -top- of- morning- pages -writing. The torn paper is from copies of my own art. I used sharpie paint markers, gel pens, acrylic paint and gesso to complete it. I hope you had a good weekend and that you took some time for yourself to be creative. I am glad to see the leaves here finally in full color. Thanks for popping in and thanks for all your comments. Please visit ************************************************** I am linking this to Carolyn Dube's November Gelli print party.


Grow Your Garden

Back in June I took the train to Pennsylvania and visited my "bestest buddy," Patty. Patty and I have a history, spanning at least thirty years of friendship. Patty and I met as college room mates. Patty, I have learned over the years is a wonderful gardener. I have watched her garden grow through out the years and whenever I'd visit she'd always have something new to show me. This last time I looked at her garden with new eyes. I took so many pictures because I wanted to draw, sketch, paint her garden. And while she is awesomely creative in many areas, a wonderful water color artist, her garden has been her canvas for a good long while. I am amazed. I do not remember the names of these plants, flowers. Perhaps I should have taken a notebook with me on the tour. Here are a few pictures I took from Patty's garden. It occurred to me that I was working on this Dollar Store board book while on the train to visit her and also at her house. I showed you a peek of a page yesterday because I hadn't decided what I wanted to write on it. I figured it out. Sorry about the green grid underneath the photo. I didn't have enough natural light left by the time I took the photo. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a creative I am linking to Aimee's Glue It Tuesday Carolyn Dube's November Gelli Print Party and Balzer Designs Art Journal Every Day.