Becoming Mail Art Cont"d

On the 16th I showed you the way I was using up paper scraps of which 99.9% were all from my own art. It started with this which became this Which when cut up in to 4 x 6's some of which look like this: I am sorry about some of the poor pictures. I madly ran around looking for black cardstock to use to show off the pictures since I couldn't find much free clean space on my work table. I need to press the paper before mailing as it's a bit warped from all the layers of glue, paper and everything else. You get the idea. Good way to use up scraps and make some new art. I managed to get 10 post cards out of two large sheets of watercolor paper and what was left I can use for a couple of artist trading cards and the rest of the scraps get used again for something else and so on and so on...... I like them, some more than others. I think I'll do more. I might try it on file folders next. I noticed a year ago on this date I was working on altering a book and haven't seemed to move past the front cover. Yes, I did make it past the front cover and a couple of inside pages. Gee, I must have gotten sidetracked somehow, somewhere a long the line. I want to go back and work on that. Thanks for stopping by.I hope you are

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  1. Sidetracked…..what’s that? LOL Great use of all the bits and pieces we all end up with!