The Stairway Project

Look at what MY MAN has done. AMAZING!! He did all three of these beauties. Kind of cool don't you think? Kind of leaves us both speechless.


Sweet Sunday Samba

This is a work in progress.

and this is also a work in progress.......

I'll come back and show you these when I feel they are finished.


Art Creates Joy

I am my most happiest when..... I am most happy when....... I feel most alive when I am creating. It brings me joy. It nurtures my spirit.
I sent a package to an online artist friend. I emailed her and told her to be on the lookout. I was as excited as she was, in anticipation, wishing I could be a fly in the wall to see her face when it arrived.
I get the feeling she was " tickled pink" in her Pink House Studio. I don't know whether it was the good, creative karma I get from her, her blog, her art work, her sharing, or the super cool magazine Where Women Create she sent me, or both.
Ok. So, what was IN the package was a print of PLANTED which was a collaborative, joyous, venture with MY MAN(see previous post) but she wasn't expecting the envelope it came in.
Here are some pics of some of that.

Art is meant to be shared. It brings joy to others. I'm happy to have shared a little joy.


Artist Trading Card Swap

Here's a couple more cards I made for the artist trading card swap.

I am beginning to incorporate jewelry or jewelry pieces into my art.

and this is one of the mailing envelopes that these little treasures were mailed in.


Frog in the Driveway

Poor thing..

Perhaps he did not make it to the Mothership. (see post before last.)



I am participating in an artist trading card swap over at Creative Coach Space. We're making 2 standard sized artist trading cards which are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and then one that is 2x2 and one that is 1x1. I know I'll be getting out my magnifiers and tweezers for the tiny ones. Here is one of my "official" sized artist trading cards. I started out by trying to sew through cardboard with embroidery thread but didn't get too far when I set the needle through my thumb. So much for thimbles that don't fit your fingers. Still, it was fun.


Postal Gifts

I feel like Show and Tell. I recently recieved an awesome gift from a mixed media artist/friend who has a neat blog I 've been following for awhile. While I knew what was supposed to be in the package I did not know how beautiful the packaging was going to be. Was so pretty I didn't want to tear it to open it. Beautiful color and stitching. And inside was another treat. Not only did I get a copy of an awesome magazine Where Women Create, I got a package of her orginal designed note cards. I don't think I've gotten such a wonderful treat in the mail before. Thank you, Robin for sharing your art and creativity with me and for making my day.

You can see her work at