Sweet Sunday Samba - Finished

MY MAN and I had a cyber space romance for months before we actually met each other. We'd do this a lot on Sunday's and we'd talk about Samba's because we both like to dance. Then it became "What would Sunday's be like if we were not in fact talking in cyberspace or on the phone?" and we decided it would be Sweet Sunday Samba. Hence the name of the piece which I first showed you when it was a work in progress on 5/27/11. I think it ended up being a two year work in progress, which is entirely too long to be a work in progress but it happened. More like a work in procrastination.

Below are a couple of closeups of different sections, although I should have made them smaller pics for this post.

I guess I'm happy with it. It can be broken up into pieces for lots of little pictures. I used layers of various paper and costume jewelry. I was unable to find tiny enough gold brads that wouldn't go through the board and didn't like the way they held the gold leaves down, so I opted for gold tacs. The red netting covering the eyes on top and bottom came from photographs of us and a bag that held cherry tomatoes. It's about 2x3 on plywood and it's finally on the wall.


Index Card a Day

I think I could easily become addicted to doing these little cards. It's a great way to feel like you did something, that you did something creative, that you used up some shredded, torn paper, got your hands sticky with Modge Podge, threw down some color and listened to the voice in your heart before turning out the light.
And we had an earthquake today. It was very scary.
Good night moon.


Listen to the Voice in Your Heart

My twin son and daughter will be twenty years old in two days. Yeesh. Doesn't seem possible yet I can remember it like it was yesterday. I gained 70 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly. It's amazing what a body can do- in this case, house two aliens. Just hold on til 34 weeks they said. (I was already on bedrest for a good month and a half.) Good Lord!! Weebles wabble but they don't fall down and it is simply amazing how many popsicles one can devour in the heat of the summer while in bed doing art work no less. Better do it now. They would arrive when they and a greater power deemed it so. Vaginal delivery. No epidural, at 33 weeks.

This is the card I made for my daughter. I hope she likes it. I think she will. We are beginning to understand each other more as we grow up. I am so proud of her, working and going to college in hopes of entering a nursing program soon. She's smart and she's beautiful. She has been for me at times, a shining light in my night sky.

The envelope.

The outside.

The inside.

Happy Birthday, Eliza.
Love, Mommy.

P.S Twin son's card is not finished yet.


Square Space not Square Pants

Do you know sometimes when you see a word or read a word as something else when you look at it for the first time, or when you're tired? It's really a different word but you keep wanting to or your eyes or brain keep wanting to see it as something else? Maybe I just really missed the entire Sponge Bob Square pants

I found this pretty cool web site: but for some reason my brain wants to read this as squarepants every time I see it. Ok.......... anywhoooooooo....yes, well, menopause can do lots of things...

I believe Tammy Garcia is a" pretty creative chick." She doesn't know I've been following her blog on a daily basis for a couple of months. She's pretty generous with sharing her ideas, resources and information. She doesn't know it was she that inspired me to go get a brayer and make those batik looking paint strips on card stock that I posted a few posts back.

I came upon her blog when she was introducing doing art on index cards. ICAD or index card a day was a summer project. Lot's of things one can do on an index card and for me works to satisfy my hunger for doing some kind of art when I don't have a lot of time. And when you put a lot index cards together you have created sometimes a another bigger piece of art. I have in no way done an index card a day for the summer but I have been inspired to do them as I find they lead to bigger ideas on bigger spaces. They are a good way for me to use up left overs. I don't like to admit that I don't like to throw pieces of paper away. lol. so why not throw it on an index card? You can used line or unlined, ruled or unruled..... it can then become unruly. lol. I am not even sure these cards are all finished but I like the simplicity of it, the none thinking.... Here's a few of my ICADS. Tammy, thank you for your sharing.....and . maybe that's it.......... bigger ideas on bigger square spaces.....


Made With Love

Not been good about posting lately. Life does present many challenges as we all know.

My Mom was the recipient of the accordian book shown in the last posting, but here it is again.
and I was the recipient of this:

........ smoked salmon and spinach broken omelete with oven garlic roasted potatoes. Yum. MY MAN can cook!!