More Homemade Stamps

The last several days I've been trying to carve more stamps. So far I don't feel I'm very good at it, although, I suppose it's like anything else, with more practice I should get better. Right? Carving does take time and patience, and perhaps, that's what I'm lacking when I sit down to do it. Anyway, here is something I made with some home made stamps I carved. MY MAN thought it would look cool on a summer shirt. Also, I attempted to make some stamps with a glue gun which didn't show up very well with a stamp pad but offered some interesting effects with the gelli plate. Here's a couple of the stamps. I made a couple of them on a heat resistant craft mat, peeled them off after they were dry and glued them to a cardboard square, and a couple of other ones, I made right on the cardboard. Tomorrow I will share with you what I made with the stamps and gelli plate. Ah, the gelli plate. The possibilities seem endless. One final note I wanted to share and that is that I have some new pieces in my Etsy Shop. I would love it if you would go there and look. They are posted on the right side of the blog. Thank you. Thanks for stopping


  1. Great patterns Jo. Looking forward to seeing the gelli plate patterns :)

  2. oooh - on the gelli plate! I tried making a hot glue stamp once and was terribly disappointed because I couldn't get a good stamp image from it. Now I want to try again because I bet they are very cool on the gelli plate. thanks for the inspiration!