Earning the Right

Another Sketchbook Project Page............
I've been thinking more recently of what being menopausal means to me... aside from the fact that I feel at times I am going through puberty all over again... I have decided for me... this time means I am bursting with creativity. I am also bursting with impatience. I have no problems with sometimes telling people to leave me alone and I decided that I have earned the right to up the midday sun at midnight. Gosh! I love that line. I borrowed it from MY MAN. Thank you, baby. Now. Leave me alone.


The Way of Peace- The Sketchbook Project

My father was a United Methodist minister. One of the things of his I inherited when he died on September 11, 1993 was about 10 yrs of his sermons. I was not old enough to understand much of what was going on in the world at the time these sermons were written. I have begun to read them, and in some cases, to use actual physical peices of those typed papers in my art. This is one example. It seems fitting, given the world conditions today, to be choosing this topic.
Thanks, Dad. I miss you.


A Sketchbook Project Page

Here's another finished page of my journal. I have no idea how I arrived at this. I guess it was the bright background paint and the doodles. I think every woman should have a hat like this to wear at least once. What do YOU think?


I'm in Heaven

Toasted Almond Creme Cake. Yum. Melts in your mouth. Light, airy, sweet but not too sweet.
Ingredients: mascarpone, cream, eggs, sugar, ladyfingers, apricot kernels, wheatflour, cornflour, butter, roasted almonds, amaretto liqueur.

I had to look up what mascarpone was. A soft, italian cream cheese made from cow's milk, and ladyfingers kind of threw me off. Ladyfingers: a small finger shaped sponge cake. This cake was in no way finger shaped. Maybe lady fingers was more a description of the kind of pastry- a sponge cake. In the slang dctionary they give an example of lady finger: a marijuana cigarette. ex: Sam knows how to roll a lady finger. Hmm....... and all this time I thought it was called a joint. I wonder about the pastry chef where I purchased this from.
It doesn't list how many calories. I don't want to know. I'm going to devide this in to 3 sections (with my lady fingers) and savor this.


The Sketchbook Project-Part 2

In April I talked about being a part of The Sketchbook Project."It's like a concert tour, but with a sketchbook," the web site says. The participant is sent a barcoded sketchbook. The filled sketchbook is sent back to the Brooklyn, N.Y Library by the postmarked deadline in January 2012.

The books are packed up and transported to about 14 major cities, beginning in April 2012, where they are made available for public viewing. After the tour is over they return to the Brooklyn Art Library.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. There are no restrictions other than the size of the book and that there are no leaking, toxic or hazardous materials coming from the book.

I am excited about being part of this project.
Here is one page of my sketchbook.


Studio A and Studio B Continued

Yesterday I showed you what each studio looked like. Studio A is inhabited by MY MAN who turns out these monster paintings on light weight plywood that look like this:

and this

I reside in Studio B and this is what I am doing lately.

and these

What does this say about us as people, as artists? That MY MAN prefers not to be restricted or confined in small spaces or in life? That he has no patience for detail? Or does it mean that I am afraid to THINK BIG and BOLD, spread my wings and fly across the canvas and make wonderful, colorful messes? That I DO have the patience for detail and small spaces? That he is willing to take chances, risks, and I do not? I took a chance on you, I say.
I have watched him come out from behind his lap top and go at his art like a young child who has been given a set of paints for the first time. He has been given permission to play. He has taken flight and run with it. Therapy, he says. It's just therapy.

Interesting observation. Don't you think? Studio A and Studio B are directly across from each other. Good for paper airplane practice.

Notice that I had to take pictures of my art work on his art table because I had no room on mine? Stay tuned.


Studio A and Studio B

After the earth quake, hurricane and tooth extraction .... there is studio A and studio B. However, in this transformation and momumental undertaking during my week off from work, there is something I have noticed.

This is what my art table looks like:

and this is what MY MAN'S ART table looks like.

More thoughts on that tomorrow. I leave you with this.