Gluing and Pasting Machine

I feel like I've been a gluing and pasting machine the last several weeks in order to satisfy my sudden need to use up my paper scraps- all of them from my own art. So I went on this kick of filling up large pieces of watercolor paper with layers and layers of my paper scraps and then cutting them into post card 4 x 6 size. Here are some from the second batch of cutting and pasting with the finishing touches of my own stamps and pens and markers. I have so many layers of paper on these cards. Paper from the gelli plate sessions, painted wax paper, wax paper or index cards with markings from stamps and or paint and paper from wiping my paint brushes,and torn paper from stuff I made that I didn't really like but didn't want to throw away. I think I've satisfied this need of making mail art for the moment. Thanks for spending a few minutes here with


  1. I wish I had your energy! Great pasting! :)

  2. These are really, really beautiful.