Pan Pastel Faces

After a long time of waiting, debating and arguing with my practical self and artist wanting self, I broke down and got a portrait pan pastel set. This, thinking it was magically going to help me produce some better faces. I can't say it really has, though I am enjoying them nonetheless. I like the softness, the "pastelliness." How's that for a made up word? Which reminds me of another made up word I heard. There was a man in NYC at DMV(that's Devision of Motor Vehicles for my international blog readers in case you didn't know) who was wearing a colander on his head. Apparently, he refused to remove the colander when it came time to have his picture taken. The police were called. He told the police it was for religious beliefs, that he had to wear it. He said......... "I'm a Pastafarian." Ha ha ha ha ha!! Back to the pan pastels. Perhaps I will check out the place where everyone seems to go to for help with many things. You-Tube. Here are a few of my newest faces. Perhaps I will write my Morning Pages in invisible ink so the writing doesn't show through the faces as much..........Daughter Liza stopped in for a quick visit after work. She wasn't too thrilled with her mother snapping pics of her. Her mother wasn't too thrilled at the face outcome but will keep plugging along. I find faces at different angles very hard to do. The positioning of the features are always out of whack no matter how many guidelines I have. Grrrrrrhhhh. But, I am hooked. I find having faces in my art work really changes things, no matter what they look like. Thanks for visiting here. I hope I cracked you up and that you've had a good weekend..................................................Jo.................


  1. Cool, Jo! What kind did you get? (From where?) I’ve been thinking……of a way to justify buying some. I can’t draw faces at angles either, grrrrrr. Love your ‘girls’!
    (PS I used to be ‘Pastafarian’ but I reformed! LOL)

  2. I think you've used the pan pastels beautifully! I love these faces, you are too hard on yourself ;) And thanks for the laugh!!

  3. Lol Jo, faces are the hardest to do, I don't care what anyone else says! When I started getting back to drawing last year I got a wonderful book 'How to See, How to Draw' keys to realistic drawing by Claudia Nice. I was great for getting the balance right. In other words it has become my bible for drawing lol!! I do love the colours and even the words coming through the faces, makes it unique and I like that! Looking forward to seeing more... :-).

  4. Janene. Please send me the link to your blog again. I can't seem to find where you are. And thanks for the name of the drawing book. Jo