Gelli Plate Mail Art

I spent some time today with the Gelli Plate. I took two large pieces of water color paper and went to town. I don't think today was one of my better days for results, however. At least I didn't feel as excited about what I had done as I sometimes do. My intention was to produce some quick mail art. I used some pieces of other gelli prints and glued them down and even used the left over painty waxed paper and glued those down as well. I have so much clutter on my studio table right now I couldn't get a full sized shot of either paper without knocking things over, so I'll just show you tidbits for now. I also tried my hand at using tissue paper on the Gelli Plate. You have to be very careful and pat it very lightly, lifting off very slowly. Also, don't make it your first print with fresh paint. More like the third just before you want to change colors or clean the plate. The only tissue paper I could find in the house had glitter on it so it made for some interesting results. You can sort of see the faint remnants of some stencils used on the plate and or I scribbled with the end of the paint brush to make some marks. Tomorrow I hope to be able to show you how I've progressed on this intended mail art. On another note I had a delicious surprise in my mail box today from a sweet soul I'd met a while ago through participating with Tammy's ICAD(Index card a day) challenge last year. Roxanne amazes me with her quilted art. I am drawn to the colors she chooses. So, inside this was this beauty And you turn it over and it becomes this beauty. She called it a "mug rug" with batik fabric. I'm not sure I would chance using it for my mug. It's way too pretty to chance spilling tea or coffee on it. Here's a couple of closeups. I think it is very beautiful and I am inspired to do some art based on these colors. I am a lucky one today having been gifted this treasure. Thank you, Roxanne. Thanks for stopping in today. Hope you've had a good


  1. I love the print with the sun peeking thru! The gelli plate has so many possibilities, it's fun to see your samples. I also like the black area in the prints.
    Yes, cool batik fabric.