Taking Stock

Since the New Year began I am taking stock in just how much art I have made this past year. My intention this year was to be a more regular blogger. I'm not off to a great start, although I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I think it's important to decide when to blog and when to create. Working a full time job sometimes gets in the way. I've come a long way in several years when I first jumped in to this blogging cold turkey. Trial and error, lots of errors. I have a lot of respect for people that can blog daily. It does take more than planning and organizing. I've gotten better about the frequency and have learned to navigate my way around, and with the help of a couple of good blogging/artist buddies have been able to put up some decent posts. It's always a delight for me to visit Hanna who portrays an abundance of energy in her blog, but it was her recent post on why we should acknowledge our list of achievements for the year, that guided me to do this. After I wrote it down I felt good. Here's my list of some things that stood out for me, with some pictures. In February of last year I completed a collaborative work with Stargardener (aka Teresa Robinson)who's blog has always seemed to appear to me at just the right moment. She sent me a homemade journal which has all kinds of "neat" prompts. I gifted this book back to Teresa. She was delighted. I sent out a lot of mail art last year. One of my pieces was published as an "inchie" on the back of this wonderful magazine and as of this post I am scrambling to find the photo. So much for being organized. I remember being so tickled when I recieved notification that it would be in the 4th issue and I cannot at this moment find my folder that houses this photo. Am I getting long winded? I doodled and collaged and painted on pumpkins. I completed a very large canvas. I altered a children's board book from The Dollar Store. I cut out and made little wooden houses.. I completed 60 days worth of art on an index card for the second year in a row over at Daisy Yellow. Tammy Garcia is another one of my favorite people for inspiration. I also drew a lot of faces last year. Ok. I want to say at this point that I am tired just posting this. I did create a lot of art in 2013. What now? This blog may undergo some changes in the coming months. I want to keep creating larger canvases; I want to pile enough up to submit for gallery showing. I want to submit more of my work for publication. I want keep getting my work out there. I want to thank you for supporting me along the way, by your following and or leaving comments, which make a person feel very good. Wishing you all good things this year.................Big Hugs.......... Jo


  1. Yay for accomplishments! Now let's all get on to the next list! ♥♥♥

  2. Love this recap of 2013 creations and accomplishments! So much beauty! Especially enchanted with the doodled pumpkins and that large canvas is yummy. :)