29 faces Challenge. #'s 23 and 24

OK. I'm feeling the pressure. I think doing an ICAD(index card a day for 60 days) was not as stressful as producing a face for, in this case, 29 days. Actually, there are only 28 days in this month of February this year. Thank goodness. Faces are hard, I think and I am not feeling it tonight. If I do this again I might have to start a month ahead of time. I love Judi Dench and saw a picture in a magazine. I don't know that it looks anything like her, but I think it does maybe a wee bit. The next one is just out of my head. It's ok but I'm not thrilled. Hey! I'm showing up and doing the work. You can tell my inner critic is right in my face tonight so I'm going to tell her to move on.


  1. I think we're all feeling the stress in the home stretch! Several others have mentioned that the muse has abandoned them too. It IS hard to keep at it every day for a month. But I guess just showing up is the point. I like your Judi Dench!