Pink Hair- Day 5 of 29 Faces

I always wished to have the nerve to color my hair pink. I'm just playing with color here and trying not to have the same skin tones and colors in every face. I need to work on more shading and depth etc. Perhaps it will come. This is not going to be graded. Right? And like most everything, it has to be practiced. So, I shall keep showing up to show you the good, the ok and not so ok stuff.


  1. No grades! I'm too shy to color my hair pink, but this lady knows how to wear her pink hair with bravery.

  2. This piece looks pretty good. She seems to be looking at someone daringly. If that's a word. Great job.

  3. I think she is beautiful!
    Jo, can you add a label to your posts? I will fix your link in the LInky when you have it, so all your related posts will show from the 1st link, and you don't have to add it again :o)

  4. Yup, show up and do the work. It's the only way we get better. (But why does it take so looooooong? LOL)
    I think the shading comes with time and practice. I had a teacher who said, 'When you see something you like, study it and try and figure out what it is about it you like and try and emulate that." That's my goal with shading.

  5. Thank goodness no grading if not I would hesitate to join this 29 faces challenge. You are doing great. Great faces so far.