More Faces - 14, 15, and 16

I was fooling around and trying to do a whimsical, childlike drawing. And this one is a result of my sketchbook turned into an art journal, where I was using up a lot of torn paper. The face was originally done on a "morning pages" page, with watercolors, and then cut out and pasted on to the art journaling page. And this last one was drawn on to the background page of the art journaling book, where I just couldn't resist all the roses which seem to be perfectly placed in her hair. I used an old Simplicity sewing pattern and pieces of paint stained waxed or deli paper in spots.


  1. Such great backgrounds and textures! I love the pose of the one on top... It is so happy... Definitely whimsical :)

  2. A nice variety! I think this 29 Faces challenge is stretching all of us!
    (The blog looks great!)

  3. yes!! you got it! now all the posts work from one link, go check, you don't have to add it again! ♥
    And these ladies are gorgeous! I love you collages!

  4. Fun! I admire your determination! Sent you an email thanking you for the postcard. Would like your address so I can send you one as well....

  5. Your faces are real cute... I love the collage faces... I can never do collages myself let alone face collages but maybe I'll try now. I especially love the last one on this post with the flowers so awesomely inset!