Faces and Lifebook 2014

So, after I came down from learning about "my face" being published in the recent Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, I got back to work. I'm working on faces in Lifebook this year, so I'm including one of these as part of my 29 faces count. WE started this lesson with playing with spray inks which I dearly love. They are lusciously vibrant in my opinion. This is the result of the preliminary lesson. The face followed. And this face I did probably 6 mos ago at least. It was a spur of the moment thing on a piece of corrugated cardboard. I reworked the face a bit and then wanted to frame it or mount it but it was such an odd nonstandard size. So, I dared myself to cut it up and rework it a bit more. It now looks like this. I collaged a piece of wood and then put her on top. The colors look different in this as the photo is taken in the evening hours, but I think I lost some of the turquoise blue so I need to find a way to get that back. It's in progress at any rate. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. They all look lovely! I especially like those closed eyes..... (spray inks, huh? Thanks alot! Now I have to go out and buy some to try! And it's all your fault!)