A Different Direction

I wasn't happy with the way the faces I showed you in the previous post were laying. I just couldn't seem to make them fit no matter how I rearranged them, but I patiently and painstakingly glued them all down to this huge piece of plywood after spray painting the wood with a black, flat paint. I tried filling in the spaces by experimenting with other collage elements and doodling which still left me feeling uninspired. I tried adding more black paint, sort of weaving in and around the faces to try and give it more of ..... what? I dunno. I thought, maybe it's the black paint. Maybe I need to go with white so I white gessoed on top of the black. No. I then tried a golden yellow. No. I went back to black and that's when I kind of "lost it." All these faces were staring at me!! lol!!I thought maybe I should only be looking at a few, certain faces.(Some of you have to go.) So I mapped out which ones I felt were "calling me" to keep, I dumped water on the ones I would get rid of and started scraping and rubbing the paper off. After working on this for much of the day this weekend, I am left with this. What a mess!!I am turning another direction. I shall see where it takes me. I hope you are out of the cold, and warm wherever you are. Thanks for visiting.........................Jo

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  1. It's a great comfort to know I'm not the only one this happens to! ;)