Worth the Wait

Ok. So a couple of days ago I showed you the transfers on to clear packing tape with the gelli plate. Last night I did some more playing and I took pictures with each step. I came out with better results. I started with this. The grid, mesh- like material is called joint compound tape, if I remember correctly. I then started my first layer of paint and made some marks with a stamp I made from foam glued onto a piece of card board. There was an index card laying nearby begging for some attention. No, that's not right. The stamp I made on the piece of cardboard was not foam, but rather an experiment with a hot glue gun. I drew the petal shapes on the cardboard with a hot glue gun. Moving on. I removed the masks- the joint compound tape. and started adding more layers. Now, remember, I have very little patience in letting things dry, but I did ok by working on other things. The little fan on the table did help. Out came the stencils. Pretty soon I found myself just using the gelli plate as a canvas. Why not paint right on it with a paint brush, not just the brayer? I decided after the last layer that I would go to bed. Five minutes before I was out the door this morning I had to go check it out. I peeled off one section. When I got home from work I finished it. And here's the index card. In between layers of letting the paint dry, I used the scraps of deli paper I used to get paint off my brayer and I tore them up and glued them to a couple of index cards. Then took them to the sewing machine and added some stamping and few marks here and there. So. There you have it. You can get all the info on transfers to tape if you go here I think the possibilities are endless. I'm going to keep playing. Thanks for stopping by............. .........I appreciate all your comments.....................Jo


  1. Gorgeous! I too am so impatient waiting for the drying LOL. And there is never enough time to try all the things that float through my mind when inspired by all the blog posts!

  2. I’m just itchin’ to give this a try, but too much going on at the moment. Besides, mine will never look as cool as yours! :D