Here an Icad. There an Icad.

OK. Sorry for the corny title but I get tired of thinking of grabbing titles....After I posted last night's post I returned to my studio and started another print on the gelli plate. I meant to take a pic of how I left it overnight but I forgot. This morning I removed the paint with clear packing tape and this is what I got. Instead of laying the tape down horizontally I laid it vertically. Yesterday, I had laid one of the strips on a piece of aluminum foil which made the blank areas look shiny silver.(obviously.) And today I spray painted a blank card so see what a different colored background would look like before transferring the tape. I then used the tape as collage and added to what I already had. This is the outcome. Kind of interesting. I am thinking how cool these strips of tape would look on a journal page or on anything else for that matter. You can find the info on doing this here Finally, remember that large piece I was working on? Here it is at this point. . I have to get moving - gotta do some things I don't enjoy doing like house cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. I hope you have a good day.. Thanks for stopping