One More Card

As I made my way through the house last night watering all the plants, I for some strange reason took note of the other art I had done on index cards and actually put in little cheapo frames. I'm pretty sure some of these were done before I started the ICAD challenge,as I recorded the date as 2011, but they probably were sparked from reading Tammy Garcia's posts on creating art on a index card. I thought at one point it would be cool to frame bunches of them and set them above all the door frames in the house. I haven't done it yet. And this trio was done in last years challenge and hangs in my kitchen. Here is today's card. I took gesso and made marks in it while still wet, and then put watercolor on top. Added some washi tape and my own carved stamp, made from an eraser from the dollar store. I kind of like this card. I like the contrast of black and purple. Thanks for popping in. Until tomorrow....... ...........Jo

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