The Beat Goes On

In 2011 I stumbled across Teesha Moore's art and her video for making her "amazing" 16 page journal. I like her style of collage/journaling. I ordered the required size of 22 x 30 140 lb hot press Fabriano Artistico water color paper from Dick Blick. Remember this is two years ago. This very large cardboard box was delivered. And it sat. And it sat some more and then it got moved from the room I deemed my art studio when children moved out and then it got moved again in to the new studio I deemed Studio B since MY MAN allofasudden decided he wanted to paint and wanted a studio and so I graciously granted him my studio A for a larger studio B.(It's joke between us.) And it sat and got hidden behind picture frames and other clutter tucked between the wall and the old dresser which houses art supplies. I never seemed to have enough free space large enough to tackle this project until recently. It does help when MY MAN has been away so I can use his art table in his studio which is what I did last weekend. I had forgotten I had ordered two pieces of this paper and so I did make two journals, running up and down the stairs each step(no pun intended) of Teesha's intructions. I didn't take any photos of the process because you can see it all on her site but I did get to the point of painting all the pages and have begun to lay down the beginnings of borders. Here is yet one more ongoing project to add to many others in progress. I have to be working on lots of things at one time. I can't work on one thing but for so long before I need to move on to something else. That way, when I do return to it I can see it with different eyes. I may see something I didn't see before. ICADs are moving along but I have a like/not so much love relationship with them at this point. I think I am bored with what I am doing with them. Perhaps I need to throw them on the gelli plate again, or the sewing machine or maybe both. I feel I made a commitment with myself to do them so I shall see it through. Perhaps I/they need a change of scenery. :) Here is today's ICAD. And look at what was on my table one year ago on this day. This became the picture for my blog header. Thanks for stopping in and thank you for your comments and support. It's what keeps me coming back, too..JO


  1. I did the same thing after I watched Teesha’s video! I never did make her journal though. LOL Maybe stitching the ICAD’s together for a different perspective?

  2. I can so relate to you! I have a full ream of watercolor paper sitting under the bed. It has been there for 25 years. Still like new.

    Also I have a huge box of mat board also like new and still that old.

    Not enough hours in the day to use up all the supplies we acquire.

  3. Your blog header is gorgeous. I thought that as soon as I landed here and then you showed the pic at the bottom of this post. Serendipitous!

    I'm actually here to thank you for the great postcard you sent me. You didn't put your addy so I can't reply with a card of my own but wanted to be sure to say thanks! It looks like a night time landscape to me and I've been making up stories for it since it arrived.