ICADS and Madam I'm Adam

Yesterday I hadn't completed my ICAD. I simply didn't feel like it. ICAD, in case you don't know, means index card a day; conceived by Tammy Garcia; thereby doing something, any art, in any way on an index card. You can find out more about it here. I really wanted to write "I don't feel like making art on an index card today" and call it a day, but I chickened out. I'm kind of cheating here because I quite often make art on an index card in my car in the morning before going in to work, and if I have been doing this for a long time, I always have something around to embellish upon. Several mornings I might just spread water color over the cards and on another morning, I might glue bits of torn paper. Small, baby steps, little increments of time add up to a lot of little canvases over a period of time. So here are ICADS for today and yesterday, which were done within the last two weeks. This is what happens if you do something creative everyday even if it's on an index card. You can build up quite a little reserve. :) Playing with watercolor and doodling made for some interesting cards. I'm going to become pretty bored with titling the next two months "ICADS" so I'm going to have to come up with something else. Did you know that "Madam, I'm Adam," written backwards, also reads,"Madam, I'm Adam?" Thank you to my friend Robin, who reminded me of what that was called . (see yesterday's post.) It's called a palindrome. I was having a brain fart, but Robin, obviously had the brain power......................................... Thanks for stopping


  1. I learned a while back that I cannot commit to something that includes a daily anything.......even though I would like to I always end up getting further and further behind. Sigh.

  2. LOL I was just lucky that I remembered what it was called! (Most of the time I don’t!) These two cards are lovely, BTW (by the way.)

  3. Love your blog! Just got to tell you it's not Madame I'm Adam, otherwise that's not a palindrome. You don't need the 'e', it's just Madam I'm Adam. xxx