Day 1 of Index Card a Day

Today was the first day of Tammy Garcia's challenge to do a piece of art on an index card for the next 61 days. We shall see how well I do. 'Zebra' and 'crown' were two of the prompts offered, although it is not a requirement to use them. Just show up and have fun. Anything goes. Here is what appeared on my first index card this year., Hope you are having a good weekend. The heat is upon us where I am. Thanks for stopping in.........................x0ox0x0 Jo


  1. She looks so regal! ♥♥♥

  2. The crown and zebra-like design are lovely! Wonderful use of the prompts.

    Thanks for the reminder, I need to go look at the challenge. I'm just thrilled that I've been able to break away from work to do several Glue It Tuesdays! ;)

  3. this is fabulous... love the zebra print crown... I would quite like one of those I think...xx

  4. Love the zebra print crown, she wears the crown very well!! :)