I came close to not getting yesterday and today's ICADS done. I did so much work around the house this weekend I am wiped and my body feels as if it's been runover. Should have bypassed the work around the house and done ICADS first. Would have been much more fun. I really did paint the nail polish card with the nail polish. My daughter has such cool colors and I couldn't resist. The face on the red card was done on a tea bag. I am a pretty regular tea drinker so have been saving and drying them to experiment with. Stay tuned for the ICAD continuation. Hope you've had a good weekend. Thanks for visiting here...................... jo


  1. Those are cool nail polish colors! ♥

  2. love your nail polish card - I was applying some fabulous sparkly purple polish this weekend and thought "I should use this on an index card" and then didn't do it. you've got the follow-through.