ICADS Continued

I like doing art on index cards. They're small enough to work on anywhere when having to wait. I like working on several at a time. I threw down some watercolor on these two yesterday morning sitting in the car before work. Got home last night and cut some pages out of my old Morning Pages notebook where I had painted flowers instead of faces and then fell asleep. Tonight I came home from work and finished them up by adding various pieces of washi tape. Here are Icads day 6 and 7. I'll have to dig around and find the picture of the little book I made with some of last years ICADS. Thanks for visiting and thanks as always for your comments. I'm going to the Daisy Yellow Flickr group to check out what other's have done with their ICADS..............Jo


  1. I like the richness of these colors! Lovely!

  2. fab ICADs ! I loke the colors and abstract feeling!