There's Always an ICAD

I tried something new this evening, something new to do with that Gelli Plate. I made some transfer prints on clear packing tape with the gelli plate. This has to be done in layers making sure the paint is dry in between each added layer. That was hard for me because I was very impatient in waiting so I put a little portable fan right on my work to speed up drying. You make marks, whatever you want to add layer upon layer. But the coolest part is laying the clear packing tape across the gelli plate and lifting off what ever was on the plate and seeing it now transferred to the tape. Of course you know where those transfers got transferred to. Index cards, of course. You can view the video posted on 5/24/13 here . I did not have some of the items that was suggested on the video(like Perfect Pearls, but still was fairly happy with my outcome. Here are two more ICADS making me current. I just love washi tape. It's good for saving things in a hurry.I rather like the outcome of this one. In the next several days I want to share some pictures of my friend, Patty's garden. When I went to see her last week, she again took me on a tour, as she does every time I have come to see her. So many things to draw and sketch. So much eye candy!! So, stay tuned for that in the coming days. Thank you for spending some time here and thank you for all your many comments. I hope you are well...........Jo


  1. That's really cool! I like your results! (thanks for the link, I'm off to watch right now!)

  2. that tape technique is so much fun, but I had the same problem with impatience :)