The Upcycled Journal

Recently I showed you the little piece of mail art I got from a special friend. And I've been slowly working my mojo after she worked her mojo. It has become a collaborative effort. Here is another page of this little Discoverer journal.
The journal was made from recycled miscellaneous paper, meaning, envelopes, ledger paper, cardboard, book pages, tape, (I think Washi tape) word prompts and love. This page was made with wax paper that had dripping and marks on it already, cheapo oil pastel crayons, my own homemade stamps(from a used flip flop) and the other carved from an eraser,words torn from the pages of my father's old sermon, acrylic paint, markers, my own torn paper, and love.. This is one of my favorite pages so far. I'll keep you posted. It's nearly done. Thanks for I forgot one last thing. I have just noticed that I have now reached 50 followers on my blog. It's such a wonderful feeling. To the 50th person, Ellen, if you would like to send me your postal address I would like to send you a piece of mail art. Thank you. Thank you all for being so


  1. Love this!...what a great idea using an old flip flop as a stamp.