What I Want

Yet another page from the Discoverer Journal. There's only a couple more to show you and then I can say I have actually completed a project without getting sidetracked, which is more my nature. But I decided to really buckle down and try and stay focused. I'm so full of it. I just wanted to say I finished something before starting something new. If I told myself I was not allowed to make anything else before I finished this it seemed to somewhat motivate me into doing it. It worked for a day until I started and finished this. lol. I know I am not the only one who has many projects going on at the same time but do you also get sidetracked with other things in the middle of working on a project and start something totally new? Is that considered a mental disorder? My work table can get so cluttered because I have not cleaned up after working on something; I want to create art but I am so distracted by (or drawn to at the same time) all the clutter, I find myself getting sucked in to something totally different. That probably sounds like I have no idea what I am talking about or what I just said. Somehow I am quite sure you do know what I mean. Please tell me you also have this malady........... ha ha ha. Seriously, thank you for spending a moment or two with me.................. I am looking forward to a long weekend, hopefully much of it in my pjs in my studio. I hope you will, too...............................p.s. Thank you, Betsy for showing up here. And, guys, let me tell you, there's a story to share about this person who showed up here. Stay


  1. Distraction…….? What? Oh I’m sorry, were you saying something? I’m not sure if everyone suffers from this malady but it’s a bit like the scene from UP when the dog is talking/doing something and he suddenly stops and says ‘SQUIRREL!’ I might be up to my elbows in one project and I turn around and……SQUIRREL! I’m off on another. LOL Adult ADD? Or just creative muse strikes?

  2. Love these pages! I love the layering of brilliant colors. I tend to work on one thing at a time. I want to finish it! But sometimes you have to know it's not working and try something else. I wanted to try a larger size journal because I really love doing small ones! So the large one sits there and yells at me to "get going, fill the page"!

    I do sometimes work in my journal experimenting and then use that experiment somewhere else at the same time. That's fun!

  3. Oh I hear you all right. I just cleaned up my table and found many unfinished pieces which became buried under other unfinished projects. It is hard to stay focused sometimes.

  4. I am most definitely afflicted by this malady! though truly I like to have multiple projects going at once because I hate waiting for things to dry. when something needs to "rest" for a while, my work doesn't have to come to a screeching halt, I can hop to the next project (and the next and the next). I clean up my studio at least once a day and it still always looks like a bomb went off :)