I wanted to share with you what I received in the mail yesterday.
This sweet little upcycled journal with various paper- ledger paper, envelopes, washi tape, graph paper.
And sentences. "Sometimes brave looks differently than we expect) Do brave things."
And "I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This." Makes me think. Gets my juices flowing. Nudges me to that creative place.
I am looking forward to filling this little book. Stay tuned for more. And do check out this wonderful(in my humble opinion) web site. It may spark something in you. You might find yourself making little stars to hang from the ceiling of your creative space. Thank you, Stargardener. And thank you to those who stop by and visit


  1. This is just the sort of journal I love, somewhere to start lots of inspiring work :)

  2. Cool journal! Have fun filling it!

  3. Our friendship is such a blessing for me. Thank you, Jo! ♥