Trees Revisited

I took a piece I'd made from the pile of Gelli Plate prints, one that I wasn't too thrilled with at the time, and then took my own piece that I'd had printed. sketched and cut out the tree and glued it down on the Gelli Print. I'm not sure where this is going but I kind of like it. I just realized I didn't get rid of all the white pen marks on some of the branches but I kind of like them too. Here is another tree on a very large piece of plywood. Can you tell what the tree was made from? Thanks for visiting


  1. Looks like a yarn tree, you clever girl! ;)

  2. Oh cool! More Jo trees! I really like your trees! (Is the second one made from real branches?)

  3. Oh wow I REALLY like where this is headed! LOVE your use of colours on the top tree Jo, as I just love using bright colours...they always make me feel happy :-). Now that I have found your blog from you visiting mine, thank you...I will be a regular visitor here! Have a great day!!