Continuing On

In continuing with the little "Discoverer" journal here are a couple more pages.
Working in this little journal has felt somehow very personal. Maybe it's the energy, the vibes, the mojo, the kindred "spiritness" I feel with the person who sent it to me. Maybe her words art journal pages seem to speak to me when I needed something on a certain day. When I was not feeling brave or grounded. This little journal is a reminder, an invitation, or perhaps an affirmation(or all three) that I AM a "brave heart" and we all are Brave Hearts, have stories to tell and songs to sing, and we are making this world more colorful in doing so.
This little book is nearly done. Stay tuned for the finale. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me...................... wishing you a peaceful

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  1. You are a VERY brave heart! And you ARE making the world a more colorful place because of your being in it!