I did not do much art this weekend, which was strange for me. I did spend time in the studio, moving piles of things around and then got a second wind where I thought I was going to get in the groove and then got frustrated again. I just couldn't seem to get focused on one particular thing. Perhaps, I need to stop and refuel, regenerate. The Discoverer Journal was mailed on Saturday and has arrived at its new home. She was pretty tickled and I am pretty tickled that she is tickled. hee hee . So, maybe, I am refueling quietly and more deeply. In the meantime, there are always faces on top of Morning Pages, and experimenting with pan pastels on top of watercolors with my coffee at 5:30am. Thanks for visiting and thanks always for your leaving comments.

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  1. Uh oh! Your second young lady looks like she's annoyed at something! ;)