A Year Ago

I get a kick out of seeing what I was doing with art a year ago. My computer files show me this is what I had on my table or at least photographed a year ago on this day. This is a page from my first altered book which I actually think was from more like two years ago. Must've taken me a year to get the nerve to post it. Ha ha ha. Just kidding. I was pretty scared to draw faces then. Still am, but I like this girl. I like her grin. I could go back and add more things to the page. Or I could just chalk it up to it is what it was at one time, which was then, and I could just leave it alone. This what I attempted to draw and paint from a magazine yesterday morning at 5AM Thanks for all your kind comments and support and thanks for stopping


  1. Your interpretation has so much more heart to it than the photo. The photo is so ‘flat’. Your drawing shows emotion, soul and beauty!

  2. That was an early start to your day 5am goodness! Really like your very colourful pages.