The Day After the Big One

I have been wanting to tell you for a long time, actually for fifteen days how my belly looks now after I bore two babies at once. How soft and smooshy- cushiony baby stretched it is. Just a brown naval and the mark where I bumped my belly with the teapot. 9/10/1991 ©jcb --------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously, I did more than bump my belly with a teapot.I burned it one day. I was so big and it kept getting in the way. I worried about that all the way until the babies were born. Ok. Enough about babies. I have had enough of reliving that day. I have been saving tea bags. Drying them and then emptying the tea out. I then thought it would be cool to draw on them and since I am still drawing faces trying to develop my own style, some of them have landed on tea bags. They are very delicate. I have wondered about how they would hold up color on them. So far I have braved some pan pastel on one of them, and a bit of colored pencil and oil pastels on some others. I wonder if I might draw them in ink next instead of pencil. And ........ I got some cool really mail art from Karen at. Karen shares a wealth of neat ideas and "stuff" on her blog, not to mention, I think she's a pretty "neat" person. Thanks, Karen for this awesome card. Thanks for visiting.


  1. thanks Jo! love your teabags. I've glued a few into collages before, but never tried to draw on them. sounds tricky.

  2. This is an interesting experiment. I like how the faces are turning out. Can't wait to see where you take it!