A License

I work in the medical field. I deal with patients everyday, many are elderly. Many come to their appointments in motorized wheelchairs, double wide scooters, equipped with baskets and horns, speedometers, high polished chromes and rims, back up lights, leather seats....... lol. just kidding about the seats. But seriously, so many gadgets, amenities, that sometimes I have to ask them if they have a license to drive that thing. You see, I work in the eye clinic. And some of them ought not to be driving "that thing," because they really can't see well enough to parallel park outside the exam room door. They always crack up when I ask them but I also tell them I might think twice about riding with them, which cracks them up even more. I love these old folks. I hope I am as brave as they are if I make it to their age. I don't know what made me think of sharing this with you other than I saw a lot of vehicles in the hall way in the eye clinic today.**************************************************** And then there's my introduction to Virginia by way of New York. When I first moved here some years ago, I was living in my own apt and waiting tables full time paying back my college loans. One of my coworkers thought I was pretty cool coming from the north, also lived in the same complex I did, but she had family in another part of the state, often going home on the weekends. Once we struck up a conversation about how our weekends were. You know girl talk and she said, "I carried my brother to the movies this weekend." I looked at her and said, "Oh. I'm sorry. Was your brother hurt?" She looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I asked again." Why did you carry your brother to the movies? Was his leg broken or did he sprain his ankle or something?" Again she looked at me and kind of blushed, like she thought I was teasing her, but at the same time seemed very annoyed that I kept asking. I had to know. I said, "Dale! What was wrong that you had to carry your brother to the movies?" I guess at that point I decided she was being a big sister and scooped up her little brother in her arms to see a Disney movie or something. I really thought I was missing something here and then it hit me. She was telling me she really did carry her brother to the movies but in her car. "Well!" I said. You carry a bag of groceries or a sack of potatoes or something but you do NOT carry your brother to the movies!!! You took, transported, drove but you did NOT CARRY HIM TO THE MOVIES. If you wanna hang with me you have to know this!!" She kind of grinned, blushed again and said, "I might could do that." **************************************************************** I shared with you that I've been practicing drawing faces for twenty minutes in the mornings in the van. They're all just out of my head and in a simple composition notebook. I figure (I sound like the one that carried her brother to the movies) after I fill it up, I might see some improvement. Here's a few morning's worth. Thanks for visiting. Please come again.

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  1. Ah, southern vernacular! It’s a whole ‘nother thang! LOL I like the way the girls are all tilting their heads. Very coquettish!