The Big One

Twenty one years ago today I weighed 190 lbs, pregnant with my twin son and daughter. I didn't think it was too fair that I had been sleeping sitting up(listening to music on my cassette tape walkman) for three months as my husband snored on his back beside me. That morning I don't know what possessed me to forget and lean over, lean over my big belly and try to pick up a tape that had fallen on the floor. Next thing I knew there was water on the floor. Oooh, And guess what. It wasn't pee. Doctor was called. Get to the hospital. Duh! 190lb self went into a Nissan 300 ZX (doesn't every pregnant woman want to ride in this kind of car?) where at the hospital within two hours I was pronounced "dilated-those babies-are-coming," and whisked off down the hall and around the corner to labor and delivery, where I was greeted by a crowd of masked and gowned medical staff. With husband beside me( he did well and stayed on his feet) I delivered those babies without drugs or anesthesia. Was I crazy? Babies just came too fast. It was good. I was tired of housing two aliens. I wanted them out as much as they wanted to be out. Besides, someone was always kicking somebody and I felt it all. It was only a prereq of what was to come. I know I am not unlike other women who can say it was a day that I shall never forget. It's in our cells now. That feeling. I felt pretty beat up that day. I had been to war and come home and it was to mark the beginning of many days and years that I would feel beat up. It's been a long haul. So, Eliza and Marshall, this minister's daughter, is here today to say I am damn proud of you, of your accomplishments, of who you have become and are still becoming. Happy Birthday!! I love you>


  1. They are grown into two fine kids Jo. Happy Birthday to them.

  2. Is that you, Jo, with Eliza and Marshall? I see now where they get their good looks! You are ALL gorgeous! Happy birthday Eliza and Marshall!