More Conversations About God

Yesterday I told you a story about my very young son asking if God had a last name. I had forgotten when I wrote the post that I had a journal I kept when my twin son and daughter were small, which housed first words and conversations that took place, and another one that marked special or noteworthy events in our lives. Here's another conversation, (initiated by them) on 4/13/1996. Kids are between 4 and 5 yrs old at this point in time. One of them said God was invisible. "Is that true, Mama?" "I don't know. I've never actually SEEN God, although I think God must be every where. In the grass, in the pretty spring days, in the changing of the seasons," I said. Son said,"Maybe he's in the refrigerator! Daughter said, "Maybe he's in our food, in my mouth and I'm swallowing him." Gotta love em. I may be sharing more stories like this with you as my kids are approaching their twenty first birthday. It's kind of note worthy. On my way to the kitchen this morning I was delighted to see one of the African violets blooming up a storm. I couldn't resist grabbing the camera. And here's one more page playing with the pan pastels. I hope you are having a good weekend. I am on vacation next week, although not going anywhere. Not being at work is the best vacation of all because I get to play. A lot. .

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  1. I just love what kids say sometimes. Their thinking is so much clearer than ours! LOL You’re flowers are looking lovely!