Blue Dishes

My cousin Liam, in Portland, Oregon, is an artist and a poet. He sent me some mail art from his recent art exhibit. I think that's pretty cool stuff. And I got this unique card from Tina from Mail me Some Art And speaking of mail art,I ought to make some art based on this story: Somewhere between six and seven years old, son asked me me out of the blue at the dinner table, "Mama. Do they have a heaven for angels? What happens to angels when they die?" And, "What kind of dishes do they have in heaven? When you die will you send us a postcard so you can tell us what heaven's like and what kind of dishes they have in heaven?"

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  1. Wow, you're son was a very deep thinker! What great questions he asked!
    So, are you going to send him a postcard when you die? (can I have the stamp? LOL)