Does God Have a Last Name?

When my son learned to talk it seemed he never stopped talking. Not only was he a gifted talker, he was curious about everything. He questioned everything and everyone. I used to get notes sent home in the first grade that he was talking too much. He would often blurt out things, I guess, instead of raising his hand and waiting to be called to speak. His answer to me was, "I know, Mama. I can't help it. I have so much to say." At that age I pictured him when he was grown being in a profession where he would use his gift of talk. You know, maybe an actor,lawyer, minister, sales person. Years passed and his answer to me was ,"Mama. I don't want to be a suit." One day out of the blue, when he was about 4 yrs old he said, "Mama."( He always had a serious look on his face when he was about ready to ask a question.) "Mama. Does God have a last name?" Ooooh. This minister's daughter had to think of something to say very fast. And how could I possibly come up with a clever answer to this awesome question? I think I remember taking a few seconds to think, mumbled something like, "I dunno. I'm not sure.(duh) but I think it's Andy." "Andy?" he questioned ."Yes,I said. Andy." And then I started singing, "And he walks with me and he talks with me and............" which some people will know comes from an old hymn. I don't remember what his response to me was, but I felt glad I had given him an answer, silly as it may have been. On another note, I found one of those cheap, unfinished boxes at Ben Franklin or Michaels for about a dollar. My daughter has done some cleaning out of her drawers and gave me some boxes of jewelry that she no longer wanted. I painted the box and thought I might try to decorate the box with the jewelry. I have discovered the beauty of pan pastels although I'm not sure how I'm really supposed to be using them. Is there a right way or technique? I don't know right now, but I am loving them. I only have 5 colors but know eventually I will have to get more especially in the flesh tones to help me with faces. Here is what I have done with them so far. I already had some background stuff on a Moleskin page but didn't care for it- too busy, so started covering it up with gesso, more paint and then pan pastels. Thanks for visiting here.


  1. Your son must have been so funny whilst he was growing up. A bit like ours when they asked about Father Christmas, it left me .......... [blank], although I did come up with an answer (what ever that was at the time) how do you explain someone or something you can't see that doesn't exist! Kids can be so hilarious at times.
    The jewellery your daughter gave you looks really good, I can see lots of uses on journals for that and your moleskine pages are lovely and colourful.

  2. ANDY???? REALLY? You are priceless! (Too bad you can’t remember his response! What a great question too! BTW {by the way} what profession did your son finally choose?)

  3. that's a great story. Andy made me laugh out loud. I have fondness (okay, obsession) with pan pastels. there are some basic video tutorials on their website ( that gave me some helpful tips and info (did you know you can erase them???) but of course I don't believe in a right or wrong way to use anything and sometimes not knowing the "rules" gives way to much greater creativity.