Across the Street

I am working on setting up shop on Etsy. I spent a good deal of time looking through my files on the computer trying to decide on a banner photo. I kind of got lost as I looked at all the art I've made over the past year. It was a good feeling. One of my folders I had marked In and Around the House, which translates to me that there was a reason, an artistic reason, I wanted to save a certain photo, whether it be for something I thought I wanted to sketch, or print to use with collage, or edit with Photoshop if my fairy godmother happened to stop in. I wanted to show you some photos (click on them. They look better.) I had taken and edited last year sometime in the spring or very early summer. I want to take you from the front steps of my house. Across my front lawn and across the street. If you zoom in you can see my neighbor's property on the right end of the picture with the wooden fence going straight across. I love old wooden fences almost as much as I do old cemeteries. I love the weathered look and to me they seem to possess a personality all their own. I probably took this picture because I wanted to sketch it. I really envisioned the fence looking like this. I got a kick out of rotating the fence and found it also could be a wooden walkway. Ok. So. I didn't rotate the fence but the picture of the fence. And when I changed it a bit more I got a wintry, dry feeling, but also a promise of spring with the leaf blades poking through. Here's the back yard beyond the fence. The second thing that has always drawn me to look at this backyard from across the street is the magical little house that sits beside the main house. It gives me a secret garden kind of feeling. Can't you imagine those window boxes overflowing with color? What a great place for an art studio. Wouldn't you agree? Thank you to my neighbor for allowing me to photograph this lovely space and to you, for stopping by letting me share this with you.

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  1. Isn’t Photoshop fun? (and just slightly intimidating?) Your neighborhood looks lovely!