More Smash Book

I've been making my way through the SMASH BOOK in that I'm giving it an overhaul. Some pages I consider finished, but some are, for now, background pages. I'm trying to throw in some faces here and there, since I feel that's what my art needs now, or what I feel is missing. Drawing faces is not easy for me. With practice, I hope to be more improve and be more comfortable. Instead of taking the "creativity bag" in the car on these hot summer days where things can melt and dry out, I've limited it to a sketch pad and a few drawing pencils and eraser. I'm trying to draw faces every morning. Some, you have already seen, showing up on the index cards a day challenge I just completed. Anyway, what I'm leading up to here is that I'm trying to add more faces to my journals, so you will hopefully, see them appearing a bit more. Here are a couple more pages of my Smash Book overhaul. I don't know what's up with the face on the left. She looks very uptight. lol. But the face on the right is my daughter, Liza. She doesn't look uptight. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I love these, Jo,

    Such vibrant color and the faces are quite nice. I agree the one on the left does look uptight. Maybe she is having a bad day.

    Love the sketch of your daughter,


  2. The faces look great! They are who they want to be. Let their personality show through!