I decided tonight I didn't want to post any art. I didn't even want to work on an ICAD. I decided as I was driving home from work that I wanted to remember the things in this world that I love and love to savor. We get so caught up in this fast paced- I- want- it- now -instant- gratification- world, we may forget to stop and remember the little things that are special to us. Maybe, I'm just plain feeling sentimental, or maybe it's when I can hear myself think and breathe, when I can hear the quiet, I can remember these things. So, I thought I'd share with you a few of the things I savor. ~ The sounds of birds in the early morning hours. ~ Cobalt Blue. ~ The smell of fresh cut grass. ~ The smell of onions and garlic being cooked. ~ Morning glories and amaryllis. ~ Pachelbel Canon. ~ The smell of the ocean. ~ The roar of the ocean. ~ Having some money in my pocket. ~ Classical guitar music. ~ To dance. ~ My dog's brown eyes. ~ A good walk. ~ A baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream and scallions. ~ Book stores. ~ Art stores. ~ The sound of violin and cello. ~ Hearing my dog heave a great big sigh. ~ Books. ~ Seashells. ~ Seeing the snow fall at dusk or dawn. ~ The smell of patchouli. ~ Old, lacy, sheer curtains. ~ My daughter's naturally, curly hair. ~ The sound of rain when I don't have a headache. ~ A warm bubble bath. ~ Amaretto. ~ Red velvet. ~ The smell of Autumn. ~ Dark, black hair. ~ Mustaches on men. ~ Feeling the magic of Christmas. ~ A good story teller. ~ A good cry. ~ black licorice ~ A child's giggles. ~ Peace and quiet. ~ Crickets on a summer night. ~ My brother Jim's hugs. That's not too many things, is it? What are some of the things you really love? Thanks for visiting.


  1. Great post!
    The best sound in the world is a child laughing!
    The rest of my list would be too long to type!

  2. What a wonderful list you's made me think of the precious things we love too.