I've been feeling more brave lately. Very brave. I had to leave the index card space behind for the moment and stretch. Time to move to bigger spaces. I took a 25 x 25 piece of thin plywood and started to cover it with all kinds of paper. I've never been a scrap booker, but I had quite a collection of papers I had collected over the years, along with some of my own altered and distressed papers, and started tearing. Until it was covered up. Then I started playing with various paints, spraying, rubbing, adding gesso, spraying, rubbing again and stopped with this. I wish I had remembered to photograph all the steps I took in this but I didn't. The next step was to start building the city. It went through many transitions before I decided which I liked best. This was not the one I ended up with but you can see how I started laying it out. After much rearranging, altering, and meeting with city officials, (lol) this is what I decided I wanted. So, there you have it. the beginning of my city. Stay tuned.


  1. Oh! I want to live in your city! I'll take the penthouse in the blue building, please!

  2. This is perfect! what a lovely process. You certainly went for large and by adding all those layers it definitely works really well.

  3. Oh, Jo,

    I've been meaning to do something like this for a long time now, and yours is going to be the catalyst to push me to do so.

    I love this!