Catching Up

I'm playing catch up. I've been behind on my ICADS but I've caught up through today. When I was working on these I had in the back of my mind that I was also practicing drawing faces, as well as incorporating the theme of "Circles" at The Sketchbook Challenge. So, there is a mixture of things going on here. Putting a face into the picture changes everything. I am not in the habit of putting faces into my art as I don't do well with them at this time but hope to get better in time. So, I'm just going to keep practicing. Here are my ICADS for the last several days as well as some closeups. And finally here is a two page spread in the SMASH BOOK as in the SMASH BOOK overhaul. Can you tell I'm having a blast? I'm glad you stopped by.


  1. I think your faces are great! IMHO

  2. Really nice ICADs! I'm intimidated by drawing/painting faces...maybe trying them on index cards would take some of the pressure off. Thanks for the inspiration :)